Tradition and innovation


"A light which embraces our visitors as they enjoy creations from our original barbecue and cocktail bar"
01 A different setting

Embedded within Pago the Carraovejas, the Ambivium restaurant is born from the need for a different setting with a creative cuisine which can complement the wine tourism at the winery.

The over room is divided into different environments which holds restaurant area with the possibility for private settings; cocktail area with views to the vineyard; our open kitchen with a barbecue having a leading role, the traditional ovens and a wonderful terrace.

The glazed kitchen allows the customer to be part of the making of the dishes and enjoy the fire from the barbecue, one of the main elements. The crackling ember provides a special touch to the culinary making of our restaurant.

Elegance and sophistication is what defines our cocktail bar. With independent work areas, it’s another stronghold at the Ambivium restaurant.

The natural light floods every corner of our restaurant, being the terrace of Ambivium a setting that spreads the surroundings throughout the room: nature and silence. We have saved this spot for the enjoyment of a good cocktail, taking a pause from our food or simply to embrace the surrounding landscape..

On top of it all we have “Olive tree square”. A terrace on the lower floor where it is not difficult to feel emotional watching the sunset over the breathtaking castle of Peñafiel and the vineyards.

Come and let yourself go to enjoy an “Experience that lingers in time”