the TEAM

Commitment and continuous improvement

the TEAM

"The achievements of a business are the result of the combined effort of each individual"
Vince Lombardi
A big family

We never forget that the passion and strength as a team comes out of people, the people that turn a project, a dream into something real like the Ambivium restaurant. They embrace the philosophy and values of Alma Carraovejas: maximum quality, attention to detail and a role model of management..

The human resources at our kitchen and waiting staff is made up of a young team, keen, determined, fearless but with care, confidence, convinced that each day is an opportunity to continue learning. They have been through some of the best and famous schools in the art of cooking like the Basque culinary center and kitchens of what we consider the culinary masters.

All of them make a team who´s differential value is their effort  in respecting the flavors of the past, simple cooking, but individually adding modernity and innovation in the artistic and creative making.