In 2017...

…and as a result of the years of knowledge transmitted by the family legacy, Pedro Ruiz Aragoneses -CEO of Alma Carraovejas- launches a first class gastronomic venture at the winery.

Ambivium is looking for something different and unique, which will strengthen the position not only of the restaurant but also of the region as a destination of its own, where avant-garde gastronomy based on produce becomes the hallmark.


concepto Ambivium

Our name implies our hallmark: crossroads. This is the meeting point between cuisine and wine, between tradition and innovation. The restaurant was born with the idea of creating gastronomic experiences around wine that will linger in time, based on detail culture. Ambivium is a sincere, honest and transparent approach to a cuisine of landscapes.

Pedro Ruiz Aragoneses


The name is a reference to the classical Latin term used to refer to the cellar or the place where wines and food were stored. The dishes are based on the preservation methods that are an essential part of the traditional elaborations of gastronomy.

The seasonal and local products shines in this menu intimately linked to the techniques inherited from our ancestors and other contemporary, more innovative techniques developed by our R&D&I department.

Cacao pairing
Maranones pairing


The product alternates its protagonism with the liquid part, looking to create perfect melodies for those who sit at the table. Melodic compositions through a journey around the world’s geography in the form of a bottle. A sincere and heartfelt tribute to the world of wine.

Ambivium is the perfect harmony to complete a 360-degree experience in which you are the centre, following the philosophy of Alma Carraovejas: “To create unforgettable experiences around wine, aiming for unique projects searching for a higher purpose, with the commitment to build a unique legacy”.