Our menu...

... is a tribute to our ancestors inherited techniques.

Cellarium II

We are pleased to anticipate our tasting menu. A journey through preservation methods that are part of Castilian gastronomy’s traditional elaborations and the latest techniques developed from our i+D+I lab.
Menu without pairing: 180 € IVA incl.

Our pairings

  • Cellarium II Menu+ Alma Pairing: 295 € IVA incl.

    An unforgettable journey through the unique Alma projects: Pago de Carraovejas, Ossian, Milsetentayseis, Viña Meín Emilio Rojo, SV Wines and Marañones.


  • Cellarium II Menu + Two Worlds pairing: 360 € IVA incl.

Pairings created and matched to the Cellarium’s dishes. Our crossroads between sommelier, cuisine and creativity. A global vision of the world of wine, New and Old world.

  •  Cellarium II Menu + Summum pairing: 430 € IVA incl.

    Our own tribute to the world of wine, a journey to taste wines from some of the most iconic producers, unique vintages, very special projects… A unique and unrepeatable experience.


A menu for everyone

In Ambivium we adapt our menus to any allergy or intolerance, provided that we are informed at least 48 hours in advance.


A unique wine list

Ambivium has a wine list with around 4,000 wine references from the five continents.

 The new and the old world, rarities, unique vintages, limited editions and bottles that enclose liquid universes and bottled landscapes capable of thrilling.


Seasonal menus

Our dishes are based on local, seasonal and local products: meat, fish, legumes, fruit, vegetables… some of which are harvested directly from our organic vegetable garden, where we also grow aromatic herbs just a few metres from the restaurant. Other ingredients come from local suppliers, from the surrounding area, allowing us to maintain a link with our heritage.