At a time in which rushing and having a fast pace life is made necessary, taking a break becomes vital, to think, to study, to make assessments….to further improve. This way of thinking is product of our surroundings; nature does not rush into making our vineyards grow, it has a relaxed but constant rhythm, thanks to which the best fruit is produced.

We try to follow this same philosophy inspired by our Terroir, and it’s because of this that from the 31 st of December until the 27 th of January we will remain closed to the public; both in tours and experiences at Pago de Carraovejas and Ambivium restaurant.

Origen, soul and emotion

During this break we will expend most of our time with internal training in gastronomy, wine and viticulture; we will hit the road to visit wineries and restaurants in order to further open our inds, we will review R&D projects –own and external-, we will continue to explore the world of cocktails; deepen the knowledge of our vineyard to transmit its emotions…we will squeeze as much as possible the time that we have to come back with even more strength and with a very clear objective; offering you only the best possible experiences at Pago de Carraovejas and Ambivium.

Some time for ourselves, that in turn will be dedicated to you: the client. You are the main objective in our work, what pushes us to become better every day, to continue to offer the best in order to live an experience that will linger in time.

We look forward to seen you….more eager than ever! on the 28 th of January.